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Worth A Thousand Words- Book review by Linda Fegins (Faygo)

Worth A Thousand Words    ISBN-10: 0800732677worth a thousand words
Jubilant Soul Series Book Two
by Stacy Hawkins Adams

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, Indigo Burns discovers that a wonderful near picture perfect life may only display a surface portrayal of satisfaction, completeness and fulfillment, but cover-up  deep conflicting emotions and values.  Ambitious, smart, intelligent and beautiful, Indigo has a man who wants to marry her without reservation.    Indigo loves him, but she has plans to attend graduate school   to enable her to pursue a photography career.  Brian proposes to her and wants the wedding to occur soon and for Indigo to change her plans for the future.

Indigo said yes to the proposal, yet she is not an enthusiastic bride- to- be. To everyone Brian is a wonderful man and a great catch. Indigo knows that, but still wonders can she be fulfilled and happy if she sacrifices her dreams to become his wife at this time instead of waiting. What will happen to her well laid plans after her photography internship at her home town of Jubilant, Texas? Is the seemingly love of her life  worth sacrificing her career for or can  the plans Brian has for her to fit her career within the narrow confines of a Navy Officer’s wife suffice just as well?

 How does Indigo grapple with the competing desires of her heart and the competing agendas of those whom she loves?  Can Indigo live with the consequences of her choices? “Worth A Thousand Words” explores the tough issue of making hard choices about love, relationships,  and career. It gracefully demonstrates the power of prayer and faith to overcome unexpected adversity, the importance of friendships and wise counsel, and the  courage  of being truthful to the persons in our lives, and to ourselves in a non-preachy , but spiritually profound manner. Moreover, this graceful story emphasizes  the importance of  trusting in God when one cannot afford to “lean to one’s own understanding”. It is a heartfelt compelling novel about trust, love, friendship and forgiveness.

Book review by Linda Fegins

ABOUT THE AUTHOR    of the book      StacyHawkinsAdams-th

Stacy Hawkins Adams is a nationally-published, award-winning author and speaker. Her contemporary women’s fiction novels are filled with social themes and spiritual quests that take readers on journeys into their own souls.  

She holds a degree in journalism and served as a newspaper reporter for more than a decade before turning her full attention to penning books, speaking professionally and writing freelance articles.

Stacy lives in a suburb of Richmond, Virginia with her husband and two young children.

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Twitter’s Tweets Can Create Legal Issues

lawglobeThe 140 characters or less answer to the question, “What are you doing now? has the potential to create a litigation minefield for attorneys, their employers and  other businesses states Marthat Neil in the May 15, 2009  ABA Bar Journal.

Accordingly , lawyers and professional employees must   be careful  not to convey proprietary information or reveal privileged or private information  which could potentially expose the company to  a lawsuit.

Twitter “tweets”  are so new that the best practices for addressing the social networking phenomenon are still being developed. Therefore, attorneys should be wary of  providing confidential information that  could be considered solicitations for clients. Furthermore, on the corporate side employers should establish standards for business related Tweets.

Yes, lawyers of all makes are beginning to engage in this fast g rowing social network. Jim Calloway, a Oklahoma legal technology guru , explains how Twitter is not just a passing fad and that lawyers need to be aware of the legal implications of  Twitter or any social media. This social media will have an impact on a lawyer’s practice because  of  a “business client who wants to discuss a policy on employees using social media at work or a family law client who believes that there is valuable evidence lurking in Twitter posts”, expounds Calloway. Therefore, remember “tweets” can become valuable evidence.

Some  cautionary advice that Calloway (@jimcalloway) provides is :

1.  Be careful about overuse of Twitter. You don’t want your followers and clients to believe you have nothing else to do.

2. If you ‘re using Twitter for practice development, watch how often you stray  from your  primary topic. Keep some professional distance in the attorney-client relationship.

3. Don’t expect that your tweets are to be kept private.

Now I don’t “tweet”. However, I believe that those who engage in this practice in their business should proceed with caution. The chatter about Twitter in the legal profession is growing.

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The Chatter About Twitter in the Legal Profession

legal booksI must admit , as stated earlier in  a post in this blog , I have been  slow to engage in  social networking.  Not just slow,  but reluctant and I have not engaged in the process for many reasons. Although a professional, I didn’t get what the “craze ” was all about. I have received  email notices that  so and so would like for you to be their friend on Facebook, Linked-In and others  social networks . I have gone to the location and when I am asked to complete the information, I exit the site. It  was a challenge for me to start blogging until Pam Perry ,the Christian Marketing guru (,  challenged  the group attending the American Christians Writers meeting to set up a blog for a book review. ( read my April blog post). This blog is the result. I must admit earlier this year my attitude was why blog?

I indicated in my last blog that I had no interest at all in Twitter.  However,while reviewing the American Bar Journal (ABA)I begin seeing articles on the impact of  social networking on the legal profession. I was curious to know  why an attorney would be interested in Twitter.  

                                                          lawglobe Interest in Twitter in the legal profession is increasing  as having business value. In the article in the ABA Journal, April 2009,entitled “Much Chatter About Twitter” by Barbara Rose, it discusses the influence of Twitter in the legal profession. The articles tells  how one young attorney started following a local mover and shaker with interests  that matched his own. Within four months  “of gathering in real space of people connected through Twitter” the attorney picked up four new clients. The young  attorney stated that one uses this tool to “seek out a community you know would be beneficial to you”.

However, the article in the bar journal contrasted this experience with another attorney who felt that Twitter was a distraction, a source of stress and did not help him build relationships because “the process depersonalized communication by speeding it up through group conversations”. The article quoted him as saying ” It just doesn’t provide the bang for the buck  that technology needs to deliever before I use it every day”.

Now its true that twittering lawyers are few in comparison to the number of users. But it is not  lost on the profession that Twitter or another similar technology  will have a “growing influence over buisness communication”. The Interent based service has estimated that of the “3 million users about 560 of them are lawyers and legal professionsals according to  a list by Adrian Lurssen on the JD Scoop blog at” states the ABA article. The profession uses it as a marketing tool and others find it helpful to  getting questions answered and staying abreast of what is happening in the legal and technological world. Philadelphia courts post news and announcements.

While this is seen as a great new social networking tool,  there is no doubt that a Twitter message will be involved in litigation . These messages can leave digital traces that are subject to discovery if a legal dispute arises, just like e-mail and text messaging as we have seen in the city of Detroit involving the former mayor.

More lawyers are recognizing that  Twitter has potential for  building their practices . Some even find that its fun and interesting . One Philadelphia based tax attorney, Kelly Phillips Erb, blogs at and tweets about her life as a mom as well as her law practice. Another chief executive in Seattle, who is a social media expert for a law firm marketing, initally thought that Twitter, as I do , was  a silly thing . However, he began to use it to pass along useful links and to post interesting “tweets”. To his surprise the number following him grew from 300 to more than 1,500. He realized he could not have developed that big of a following in a matter of weeks even if he had hired a top public relations firm. Now Kevin O’Keefe ,chief executive of LexBlog Inc, the article reports, tweets about 40 times a day. 

Yes, there is much chatter about Twitter ,that I will share in the future, but I still have yet to try  to engage in this form of social networking. Pam Perry  will have to find some engaging method to push me to do so.

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