“Do You WannaTo Be Made Whole ?” by Bernard Bolton

About the Book – Review by Linda Fegins
Many people are battling various spiritual struggles such as grief and depression, betrayal by those they love, and others are bound by the addictions of sin. “Do You Wanna be Made Whole?”, by Bernard Boulton, is an enticing and encouraging work , as it is not often we have the opportunity to read a good story about the physical, spiritual and emotional struggles of the lives of black men, and to observe them overcome their past failures and hurt to walk in wholeness. The story is dealing with three men who with the help of Pastor Maxwell journey through the challenging and painful process of being made whole. Throughout the story Pastor Maxwell serves as a spiritual father to others and to three spiritual sons; Theo Dexter, the unforgiving businessman; Michael Cain, the depressed evangelist; and Adam Jones, an educated and talented brother bound by self-centeredness and sin. Pastor Maxwell has made mistakes in his past and is now using the wisdom from those failures to teach men that they can overcome their brokenness.
The inspiration for the story is taken from the Bible in St John Chapter 5 where Jesus comes to a man and asked him did he want to be made whole. This book is highly recommended to men who are struggling and need to be encouraged and to seasoned or new believers, who sincerely “wanna” walk in wholeness. Furthermore, the women characters in the book, which interact with these men, provide examples of overcoming obtacles from their past. This book’s storyline will make for great discussion in women book clubs.
Linda Fegins

About the Author
Bernard Boulton has written a story about three men who seek to be whole in God through the spiritual leadership of a pastor. This gripping story is titled DO YOU WANNA BE MADE WHOLE? Bernard is the pastor of New Mine Creek Church in southern Virginia. He is married to his wife of eighteen years, Vantoria and they are the parents of their son, Bernard Quincy. Bernard’s hobbies include reading, traveling and supporting his hometown team the Cleveland Cavaliers and Lebron James.
Read an excerpt and check the tour schedule at http://bit.ly/DoYouWannaBeMadeWhole

For more information, visit http://www.bernardboulton.com.



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5 responses to ““Do You WannaTo Be Made Whole ?” by Bernard Bolton

  1. tywebbin


    Thank you so much for taking the time to review “Do You Wanna Be Made Whole?” by Bernard Boulton. Blessings,


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  3. Thank you Linda for hosting me today on your site. I appreaciate your review.

  4. Great review. Very insightful. I know this book will be a hit as is makes its way to the right hands.

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