My God and Me Blog Tour

LaShawnda Jones is the publisher and author of Jazzy Media LLC. Her latest publication, My God and Me: Listening, Learning and Growing on My Journey is full of inspiration and testimony of personal growth.

Jazzy Media’s early publications brought local recognition to LaShawnda Jones’ work and requests for speaking engagements poured in. In 2004, she began facilitating body image and self-esteem workshops. Over the years, she has facilitated workshop discussions on the effects of family, friend, media and societal influences on our body image, self-esteem. She combines all that and more in My God and Me as she addresses, explores and strengthens her and her readers’ identity in Christ

About the Book

Relationships change with the tide of life. When your relationships ebb more than flow, do you find yourself asking, “Were my dying relationships ever real relationships? Are the people who maintain contact, but with whom there is no connection, worth holding on to? Should I expect a person’s presence in my life to equal dependency in my time of need? Does the quality of interaction determine the level of importance?”

These questions and many more flow through the interactions shared in My God and Me: Listening, Learning and Growing on My Journey.

LaShawnda Jones Reads an Excerpt

View the blog tour schedule and read an excerpt at



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4 responses to “My God and Me Blog Tour

  1. Hi, Linda, thanks for featuring My God and Me on Instanter! It’s much appreciated!

    Enjoy your weekend,


  2. I enjoyed the video. Your book sounds like an great read! Many, many, many blessings to you, LaShawnda!


  3. musingsofastrongblackwoman

    Linda, thank you for hosting LaShawnda Jones on your blog this week.

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