The Purple Book of Success by Nickcole Byrd

 There are a number of opinions about what constitutes success from the secular world and the religious community.  Such success quips are :”The man who gets ahead is the man who does what is necessary-and keeps on doing it” “God doesn’t call us to be successful. He calls us to be faithful”.  “Success measured merely by money is too cheap”. “If the truth were known, most successes are built on a  multitude of failures”. 

What is success? Is it money, power , prestige?  Is it being  fulfilled and at peace? How do you go about  achieving success? How do you arrive at your purpose filled destiny on the journey of life  to the location called “SUCCESS”? What is true success?  Business and Life Success Coach, Nickcole Byrd , in her book ” The Purple Book of Success” offers  women   “Power Principles” as a reference source to empower and thrust women into their very own success journeys.

What ever life season  a woman is in due to the circumstances of her life,  Byrd provides practical and spiritual elements,  that serve as foundational gems to  motivate each woman to reach her on personal success story. She identifies the criteria to success and then illustrates how her eighteen principles can be effectively applied to achieve the success you desire. This book is not the usual  “way to success book”, but has a unique, enlightening, inspiring and action oriented  perspective to  help women reach their eternal and earthly success by recognizing and tapping into the true power source.

Review by Linda Fegins of Faygo’s Report, www.


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