“Transformation: Giving Up the Struggle” by Renee Wiggins


We all have had our ups and downs in our lives, some more than others. But, how we end up in the end, determines how we actually see the storms. The storms help us to change to a better and stronger person. Resisting change can make the obstacles, the hindrances and the storms become even more unbearable. However, if we choose to view them in a different light, change can move us into a bigger and better job, or a more rewarding, loving relationship -it indeed can make us better.

The affirmations presented in Transformations: Give Up the Struggle can be a turning point in your life. View hardships as helpers to a stronger you. See obstacles as ripples in a pond as you move closer to your victory. Discover that hindrances are hurdles that make you jump high above the clouds. See that valleys are mere lessons that will release you from your past and help heal the brokenness. Be ye transformed by renewing of your mind. Affirm yourself-release the past, give up the struggle and move forward -TODAY!


Renee Wiggins is the owner of Results By Renee, a wellness company based in Maryland. Her mission is to help people achieve optimum health through nutrition, fitness and supplemented with stress reduction techniques. Ms. Wiggins designs lifestyle programs for individuals and groups. She is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Massage Therapist.

Purchase Transformations: Give Up the Struggle at http://www.resultsbyrenee.com/.


When challenges arise sometimes we have to encourage ourselves with the Word and with wise , inspiring  and empowering affirmations.  Renee’s affirmations are crisp and light , yet  full of wisdom, inspiration and power to  uplift your spirit and to transform your thoughts about your circumstances.

Linda Fegins



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2 responses to ““Transformation: Giving Up the Struggle” by Renee Wiggins

  1. Gwendolyn Mealing

    First of all I would like to mention the cover, it grabs you by the heart; you can not wait to open the book to see what it is all about, then you realize this book is all about you and your own struggles.

    Transformations, Give Up The Struggle, half way through, you’re beginning to understand why you’re still struggling at that job or relationship, you are not will to stop struggling, and make a change;
    what does the author say? “to change in condition, nature or character; convert” not by becoming what someone else whats you to be but what or who you want to be, we all can transform, if you’re not a believer, just carry Transformations Give Up The Struggle, with you and read it during your break instead of that $3.oo cup of coffee.

    She makes another powerful statement “Today, choose to speak powwerful encouraging words, because the words you speak help to change lives for the better” can you see how not only does that change the life of the one your talking to but your life too, that person will in turn begin to encourage you too, we may not be able to fed our bodies like we use to, but with this book we can feed our souls and spirts.

    • Faygo

      Thank you Gwendolyn for your insightful comment about the affirmations in “Renee Wiggins’ “Transformations” . I agree that speaking words of encouragement when consistently and sincerely followed helps to renew our minds, encourages and inspires us to run own.

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