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Mylow Young Virtual Book Tour-Against the Gates of Hell

Interview with author Mylow Young  by Linda Fegins

What inspired you to write Against the Gates of Hell book?

I was inspired to write this book because in the beginning I thought there was no hope for me. After going through rehab and discovering who I am in Christ and how God didn’t condemn me, that He loved me through and in an in spite of my addiction, I began to see that there was in fact hope! The Lord spoke to my heart about the hopelessness I had experienced and that there are countless, precious people that Jesus died for who are still living in that hopelessness. I wanted them to see, experience and live the same hope and freedom I have found! “That” was my inspiration!

Who are your favorite authors and why?

Believe it or not I am not an avid reader… not at all. But over the years there is one who really speaks to my heart and I see him as someone who really got to know the heart of the Father and that is Watchman Nee. He speaks always of the spirit in man/woman and how God wants so much to break through our outer man to get to the “innermost” man… our spirit… where we can really hear God speak!

As a black Christian male author do you believe you added a different perspective for your readers than other authors? Tell us why you were able to do that?

Yes, I think I bring to the table a sense of raw deal, the “real” deal… no sugar added! There are others who have a whole lot to say also, but I feel that with the gift that God has given me, I bring you “into” the story where you can live in it as I share it with you. I want to bring the story of addiction… particularly… to the forefront from the perspective of the addict. Not in a feel “sorry for me” way but in a way that would give the reader, the family members and friend an up close look at what their loved one is or has been dealing with as well as getting the addict/former addict to see what he has or is putting his loved ones through.  

About the Author

MYLOW YOUNG is a native of Philadelphia and has struggled with drug addiction for more than half of his life. After several stays at Bethel Colony of Mercy and even serving in that same ministry, consistency in his life was not to be found. After totally surrendering his life to Jesus Christ and discovering his identity in Christ, he has found newness of life. Mylow and his wife Sondra attend The Connection of Statesville Church where Mylow serves as a Deacon. Mylow is available for speaking engagements at your church, youth group, Sunday school service or recovery group and can be contacted at gaitsofhell1@gmail.com.

MYLOW YOUNG is a graduate of University City High School in Philadelphia and attended the Basic Bible Institute of Pennsylvania. He is a licensed minister and deacon at the Connection Church in Statesville, N.C. where he currently resides with his wife Sondra. For more information visit: mylowyoung.com.


About the Book

He had always looked down on those who partook and pedaled drugs which claimed the lives of many in the streets.  Now Kerby Wilson finds himself held captive by his own pride and going down a very desperate path of his own.  Distraught over the death of his parents and, the murder of a fellow police officer, Kerby alienates those closest to him, pushing them away—his wife, brother, police force buddies and old friends. As the bottom falls out of his life and darkness consumes his soul, his life is spent seeking an elusive state of peace.

Junior, Kerby’s identical twin brother is angry with Kerby for turning on his family, friends, and the police force and for going down this destructive path. As his heart hardens and he is caught up in his own battle of resentment and bitterness, he tries to shut Kerby out. But Rene, his God-fearing wife won’t allow that to happen. Instead she continually appeals to his conscience, reminding him of God’s unfailing love and Kerby’s need for his help.

After Kerby’s latest antics, Junior and the rest of their family and friends are challenged to push past their struggles with Kerby’s addiction to help him.  Will Kerby accept the help of his family and friends? Will he stop running and turn to the only one who can save him and give him the power to stand against the gates of hell?


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An Inconvenient Friend AUTHOR: Rhonda McKnight

Book Trailer



In Secrets and Lies, Samaria Jacobs tried to seduce Dr. Jonah Morgan. Now she’s back in An Inconvenient Friend. Her creed is “If at first you don’t succeed, try…try…again.” 

Samaria Jacobs has her sights set on Gregory Preston. A successful surgeon, he has just the bankroll she needs to keep her in the lifestyle that her credit card debt has helped her grow accustomed to. Samaria joins New Mercies Christian Church to get close to Gregory’s wife. If she gets to know Angelina Preston, she can become like her in more than just looks, and really work her way into Greg’s heart. 

Angelina Preston’s life is filled with a successful career and busy ministry work, but something’s just not right with her marriage. Late nights, early meetings, lipstick- and perfume-stained shirts have her suspicious that Greg is doing a little more operating than she’d like. But does she have the strength to confront the only man she’s ever loved and risk losing him to the other woman

 Just when Samaria thinks she’s got it all figured out, she finds herself drawn to Angelina’s kindness. Will she be able to carry out her plan after she finds herself yearning for the one thing she’s never had . . . the friendship of a woman?


Rhonda McKnight is the owner of Legacy Editing, a free-lance editing service for fiction writers and Urban Christian Fiction Today, a popular Internet site that highlights African-American Christian fiction. She’s the vice-president of Faith Based Fiction Writers of Atlanta. When she’s not editing projects, teaching workshops about writing or penning her next novel, she spends time with her family. Originally from a small, coastal town in New Jersey, she’s called Atlanta, Georgia home for twelve years. Visit the author online at http://www.RhondaMcKnight.net.

 Book Review by Linda Fegins

       First I must confess that I was not  excited about reading this book. Oh , another cheating husband and a women fighting for her husband. Same oh song.

       Not so. OMG! From the first  two pages (really first) ,Rhonda McKnight and her character Samaria and the Women’s Bible Study group  had me.  I read the first page and the half of the second page again.  I wrote on the page great opening.   Throughout the book  you see McKnight’s writing skill and grace with a jazzy style. This story  was  more than just about a  cheating husband and a scheming un-churched  woman who dared to go to the same church as the wife, sit in the wife’s  Women’s Bible Study  class and befriend her  so that she could become her clone and steal her husband. Scandalous!  This is a fresh creative story by Rhonda McKnight.

 The heart of the story is about women friendships, trust,  redemption and  how even in the midst of mess God can use it to make a change in a heart for His Glory. You walk with the characters as they address issues of disappointment ,  betrayal ,forgiveness, low self-esteem  and overcoming patterns of  living a negative lifestyle and mindset. The characters were  memorable , real and well-developed. 

 I can’t wait for the sequel.   How will Samaria change her life around and can she help her mother?  Will she find love and peace?  Will successful Angelina leave her handsome surgeon husband?    Can Angelina find a way to forgive Samaria who has come to admire and respect her and truly think of her  as a beautiful virtuous women who was the first woman to every truly show her love and real friendship?


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Destined Blog Tour

PATRICIA HALEY is the trailblazing, #1 Essence bestselling author of seven faith-based, novels, including Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, No Regrets, and Chosen. She’s a  project manager with degrees from Stanford University and the University of Chicago. She is a born again believer and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Patricia lives with her husband and daughter in Philadelphia.

 Visit her on www.patriciahaley.com or become a fan of Author Patricia Haley on Facebook. 

 What inspired you to write this book bringing in another country and conflict in the family?

Of all my seven novels and two short stories, Destined and Chosen most reflect a blend of my background and interests. I’m a businesswoman with a deep and unconditional love for family, coupled with a passion for traveling. My husband and I plan to visit all seven continents and the fifty states. We’ve done five so far (S. America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and of course N. America) and 35 states. Traveling abroad has been such an integral part of my life and experiences, yet, I’d never really brought any of those international perspectives to my stories. So, my Chosen series seemed like the natural place to combine corporate intrigue, family drama, and snippets of South Africa, a place where tolerance and forgiveness is exemplified through the life of Nelson Mandela (one of my modern day heroes) along with the South of France, a memorable spot for me and my husband.

Of your books what is your favorite character and why?

My favorite character, who happens to show up in all my stories, is a little old lady named Emma Walker or Big Mama as she is affectionately labeled.  I love her presence because Big Mama always brings words of wisdom and spiritual guidance with dashes of humor and sincerity.

What suggestions or advice would you give writers about the process of writing?

Read, Write, and Relax.  The ability to tell a story is a God-given talent –either you have it or you don’t. However, the ability to tell a story better comes from mastering the craft.  That’s the part that comes from discipline, practice, teachings, mentoring, and attending workshops.  The more you read, the more you learn about different styles as well as what works and what doesn’t.  In order to get better at writing, like most other areas in life, you have to practice —write, write, write.  Some say you need to write every day.  I believe you have to figure out what works for you whether it’s every day, every other day, or whatever schedule you establish, be committed and stick to your routine.  People often ask, “How do I get started?”  That’s such an easy answer, “Just start.  Sit down and write the first word. Doesn’t matter how good it is getting started, just push aside distractions and procrastination obstacles and get started.” Lastly, take a deep breath and relax, enjoy the literary journey.  Being an author is about more than just cranking out a manuscript.  It’s about the process of taking an idea and forming it into something tangible that others can read and ideally be blessed, inspired, enlightened, or encouraged as a result.

 About the Book

Destined by Patricia Haley is the second novel in the Chosen series, inspired by the popular biblical kings David and Solomon. 

Don, the eldest son and rightful heir to the ministry, returns from South Africa after three years of self-imposed exile. With a renewed zeal to reclaim the leadership of his late father’s multi-million dollar ministry, his plans are short-lived when a stock transfer agreement goes wrong, rendering Don powerless. Don’s little brother Joel continues as CEO, careening down the path of personal, professional, and spiritual demise, as he drags the ministry down with him. The only hope to save their father’s legacy is Don’s intervention, and so clinging to his self-worth and faith, Don is torn between fighting for a company he wasn’t chosen to run and fleeing back to his South African refuge, a place where his peace, his growing relationship with Naledi, and his dignity aren’t in question. After much soul searching, Don comes to realize that his destiny is inescapable and that his future lies in his family’s legacy.

Combining spiritual themes with family tension, corporate intrigue, and romance, this series is an exciting addition to the faith-based fiction market.

 Book Review  by Linda Fegins

Destined combines spiritual themes such as unforgiveness and taking steps of faith to pursue one’s destiny with  issues of family conflict, corporate intrigue , lust and romance. Don, the rightful heir of a multi-million dollar ministry was overlooked by his father who left the business to his younger brother, Joel, who is the son of a second wife. Joel’s leadership has caused the ministry to spiral downward.  After experiencing the pain of rejection, Don flees to South Africa to nurse his hurt and to rebuild his life with a thriving new business. Don is faced with a decision to either stay away, or to intervene and save the ministry.

Watching how God worked in this corporate and family drama to allow Don to recognize his destiny was exciting and inspiring.  It reminds one that God “can work all things together” for one to pursue their destiny.  

This riveting storyline stretched my imagination, as it embraced other cultures, although some might question the plausibility of some aspects of the book.  Not I.  Destined is an intriguing read with a subtle inspirational message woven into the story. The manner of how the book ended was a surprise to me. Not the result, but the twist in how the result was achieved. Haley engages one with subtle intrigue and touches of comedy, just as in Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. I am awaiting Broken; the third book in the series because I need to know more about the self-exiled sister Tamara.

View the blog tour schedule at http://bit.ly/DestinedBlogTour.


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Holy Rollers Blog Tour with ReShonda Tate Billingsley

ReShonda Tate Billingsley is a national bestselling author of 19 books, all published by Simon and Schuster/Pocket Books. In 2000, after numerous rejections from publishers, ReShonda stepped out on faith, established her own publishing company, and self published her debut novel, My Brother’s Keeper. The book caught the attention of one of the country’s top literary agents, who secured a deal for ReShonda with megahouse publisher, Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books. 

The rest, as they say, is history.


ReShonda went on to sign one deal after another with Simon & Schuster and to date, is considered one of the country’s top inspirational authors. Her sophomore novel, Let the Church Say Amen, is being made into a movie of which she is Executive Producer and actress Regina King is the director. ReShonda’s literary career is such a success that in 2007, she was able to leave her job as a reporter with Fox 26 News in Houston to write full time. 

ReShonda has appeared on the Essence Bestseller’s list more than 20 times, as well as The Washington Post, Dallas Morning News and Ebony Magazine Bestseller’s lists. Her books include The Devil is a Lie, Can I Get a Witness, The Pastor’s WifeLet the Church Say Amen, Everybody Say Amen, I Know I’ve Been Changed and My Brother’s Keeper. Her inspirational teen novels include Nothing But Drama, Blessings in Disguise,With Friends Like TheseGetting Even, Fairweather Friends, Friends ‘Til the End, and Caught up in the Drama. She has one non-fiction title, Help! I’ve Turned into my Mother. ReShonda has won numerous awards for her journalism, fiction and poetry writing skills. She is a five-time winner of the National Association of Black Journalists Spirit in the Words competition, one of Rolling Out Magazine’s Top 25 Women in Houston and H-Texas Magazine’s Top Professional.

 ReShonda’s upcoming projects include Holy Rollers (July 2010), Say Amen, Again (July, 2011), the teen novel Drama Queens (Fall 2010), and two travel suspense novels. The Houston native also serves as a freelance editorial and marketing consultant. She has ghostwritten four fiction projects and five non-fiction projects. She is married with three small children and does not hide her addiction to Reality TV and Facebook. 

She welcomes readers to her websites at www.reshondatatebillingsley.com. 

About the Book

Looking for Love . . . 

Lifelong friends Coco, Nita, and Audra have spent years looking for love in the arms of flashy pro athletes, hoping to land a baller but ending up with a stream of failed relationships. The beautiful and demure Coco has endured years of physical abuse from her boyfriend, Sonny, while Audra, a single mother, has dated her fair share of cheaters and yearns for a stable companion who will be a father figure to her son. And feisty, seductive Nita is tired of being the million-dollar mistress and wants to settle down—if she can find someone worth coming home to. 

Changing the Game . . . 

Now that the women are approaching thirty, they’re finding it harder than ever to compete with the pro groupies. Determined to change the game and find some worthwhile men, Audra hatches an outrageous plan. Soon the trio is “holy rolling,” masquerading as God-fearing churchgoers at a local conference for young ministers in the hopes of snagging a prominent pastor. But will their big gamble pay off? Men of the cloth are still just men, after all. As the three friends meet their potential life partners, they will have to decide how far they want to take their holy rollers scheme—each risking heartbreak while taking a chance on finding a reliable, responsible man to love and cherish, flaws and all. 

Book Review by Linda Fegins

We all know too well about groupies pursuing professional athletes. Now we are introduced to a real and growing trend, groupies trying to catch prominent pastors and ministers. In Reshonda Tate Billingsley’s Holy Rollers ,three lifelong friends are facing thirty, without a committed or wholesome relationship with a pro- athlete. Tired of failed relationships, they decide to attend a ministers’ conference masquerading as “holy and devout” churchgoers with the intention of capturing the heart or desire of a prominent pastor.

This fresh and fast paced story about the encounters of Coca, Nita and Audra with men of the cloth will keep you turning pages to determine whether they will make the right decisions to accomplish their quest.  Sweet and humble Coca, short- sighted and needy Audra, and smart, sophisticated bad girl Nita were realistic and represent women you and I know or may have known.  

Clothed in humor and wit, that makes you laugh, this original story strategically addresses several real issues for women.  Without being preachy, but leaving that to my favorite character the outspoken babysitter, Ms Bea,  Holly Rollers  addresses such issues as looking for “love” for the wrong reasons and in the wrong places and smart good- looking sisters making poor choices in men and in life, due to a lack of self-esteem or due to the “issues” of their past.  The prevalent issue of domestic violence is carefully woven in the story.

This is a great story and would be a good book club selection. I would dare to suggest it as teaching tool for a women’s ministry as an interesting way to teach about pre-marital sex, selecting mates, faith, friendships, self-esteem and righteous conduct.

 In the past I have over-looked Billingsley’s books. Today, I am going to start reading Can I Get a Witness?


View the blog tour schedule at http://bit.ly/HolyRollersBlogTour.



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