Fegins is the  author of “Faygo’s Report.

The purpose of this blog is for book reviews, literary comments and to provide legal news and comments about social networking  such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

Fegins served as a  group faciliator  for over five years for GLORY GIRLS which was formerly a  national Christian reading  group ministry for women who love God and desired a chance to fellowship,and to read and discuss good and entertaining books that glorify God. She is  the author of two articles, “Waiting on Inspiration” in the anthology “It’s Worth the Struggle: Inspiration for Contemporary Writers and “The Extrodinary Women of Faith : The Daughters of Zelophehad ” in the anthology “Tal’itha Cumi: Damsal, I say unto thee Arise”. As a  dramatist she has protrayed a few women of the Bible and “Sojourner Truth” and has participated in and directed plays.    A varied legal career  , Fegins is currently an appellate attorney.


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  1. Hello-
    I am following you on twitter and stopped by your blog. It is really nice.

    You asked me to send you some articles, glad to do so. It may be easier to have you contact my assistant Debbi, at the above email address. She handles all of that for me.

    Though on my website, you can also find a great deal of information in the “Vault” section.

    Thank you,

    Robert Allen

  2. Good Day,

    My name is Ashley Lounds-Brooks, author of “Single, Satisfied and Saved.” I wanted to inquiry on the proper procedure to get my book featured in your blog. Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Ashley Lounds

    • Faygo

      I usually sign up with a blog tour tywebbin blog tours Tyora Moody who helps writers market books on line by arranging for various blog writers and radio show host to review and discuss the author’s book. I select which authors books I will review that she presents to me.
      The authors I select to review send me a copy of their book and I do a review or use the material that has been emailed or mailed to me and conduct a review.

  3. I have an Author of a fiction book for teens who would like to be interviewed or have her book reviewed on your website.

    Her book would reach out to your audience – especially teens who have experienced grief or loss of a friend or loved one. In my book they are provided with a message of hope and expectation as Kahlen begins her journey back towards understanding and wholeness.

    The book is called Starless Sky. It connects with the audience by telling the story of a bright future while touching on the tender subject of death and how a teen, named Kahlen, deals with pain and grief. Kahlen is entangled in a romance with a new boy at school, Kennley Morgan. Set in a high school, the book has blatant messages of hope and expectation as Kahlen begins her journey back towards understanding and wholeness.

    This is a book of encouragement, relationships, friendships, love, romance, and self exploration through following the lives of high schoolers. Life without love is like a “starless sky”.

    She is having a virtual book tour during the month of February 2011. How much lead time would you need? She would like to email you her media kit.

    • Faygo

      Thank you for your inquiry about my reviewing your book on my blog. I usually do book reviews for blog tours sponsored by Ty Moody. Authors will send me a copy of their book or Ty has it set up for me to obtain information. I usually do Christian fiction and non-fiction book reviews. My email address is LDFaygo@aol.com. Please put in the subject line -Book review for Blog tours. Thank you for considering me.

  4. Hey Faygo,
    How would I submit a book for review, or get in your our reading rotation?

    • Faygo

      Generally, I do virtual blog tour assignments . The person to contact is Tyora Moody or tywebbin She is on face book. I review Christian non-fiction and fiction works. You can submit a request. Send me a summary of the book . Send background info and then I determine if I want to review it. Thereafter any press release information and a review copy of the book is sent to me.

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